meeting-04-01-2014We are residents of the Emory Church Road, Westland Drive, Fox Road, Canton Hollow Road, and surrounding neighborhoods. We welcome development that is in keeping with the Knox County Southwest Sector Plan and in keeping with the existing communities.

The Westland Cove proposal is the result of an effort started in 2009 by MPC’s Mark Donaldson, County Commissioner Tony Norman, and developer John Huber. See the Resources page for the Knoxville News Sentinel article and Tony Norman’s admission of interfering with the BZA by contacting three members on John Huber’s behalf.

We are opposed to the current proposal for Westland Cove. It calls for 328 apartments, 178 boat storage sheds, and a 76 slip marina. Our primary concerns are:

  • The proposed density exceeds county law (not just county guidelines).
  • The additional traffic will overburden already limited roads.

The density of the project far exceeds anything in the surrounding areas. Although the developer claims that it is low density to match the area, it includes land that is too steep and/or undevelopable, which by County law must be excluded from the density calculation. See the Density page for more details.

The additional traffic will overburden already congested, narrow roads. Emory Church Road and Fox Roads are narrow (21-27 feet), curvy, and have limited site distances. Neither road can be widened to handle the additional traffic because of the easements for the railroad line, proximity of existing homes, and water as well as the additional cost due to the rock just underneath the surface. The most recent county traffic counts (2012 for Westland and 2011 for Emory Church Road) show over 10,000 for Westland and over 3,000 for Emory Church Road. The proposed development will add more than 3,000 to both roads. See the Traffic page for more information as well as a discussion of false claims in a recent flyer distributed by the developer about road improvements.

What’s next? We will meet at West Emory Presbyterian Church on April 1 at 7:00 pm to hear Wayne discuss Mr. Huber’s request to negotiate with the community. Please join us.

Check the Resources page for the most up-to-date information.

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